New52 | Weeks 48 – 52

New52 | Week 48 by One Little Bird

WEEK 48 |¬†One of the few new tasks that I had to plan ahead for this year. At the beginning of November I made a deal with myself that I would commit to a work schedule for four weeks that pushed me dangerously close to my breaking point at times. My goal being that I […]

New52 | Week 47

Continuing on my tech-themed installment of New52 posts, spread out so as not to cause anyone’s brain to explode. (Non-tech readers, feel confident that you can skip by these posts and live a full, happy life!) Several weeks ago I made a “To Do” list of things in my personal life that I felt either […]

New52 | Week 46

This is where things get a little crazy – not because I’m not doing new things anymore, but because I do them now and it doesn’t even register as an event in my mind. I sat down to write this post and thought “Have I even done anything new?” then I leafed through my past […]

New52 | Week 45

New52 Week 45

I sent the boy out into the woods on a chilly November weekend to survive using only his wits. Except that it wasn’t really “into the woods” so much as it was a 1,500 acre Scouts Reserve with 5 lakes and things like rock climbing walls and zip lines. Plus a few hundred other kids […]

New52 | Week 41-44

Asus Transformer Android Tablet

October was one hell of a month. I spent the majority of it feeling a bit unplugged as I tackled deadlines, houseguests and some unexpected health issues. First let me introduce you to my latest love – my new Android tablet. Tom bought me this ASUS Transformer as an anniversary gift. I liked that it […]

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