Powerful Techniques | Transforming Digital Templates


Christy here, to bring you a fun scrapping challenge! When I first started buying digital scrapbooking supplies, I worked hard to use every kit and template at least twice.  I would open them up and then pick a current page I wanted to scrap and one from years ago using the same materials.  I haven’t […]

Powerful Techniques | Dotting Your Line


Hello everyone.  It’s Christy here today with a video tutorial for you.  I’d like to show you how you can create a dotted line on your digital scrapbooking layouts. The first time I tried to do this, I created a small circle and then duplicated it and moved the new one over so many times […]

Powerful Photography | Welcome to RadLab


Hello everyone.  It’s Christy here to share with you one of my new and favorite photo editing tools – RadLab from Totally Rad.  If you are at all familiar with it, you’ve probably heard raving reviews.  However, if you are in a place like I was 6 months ago, you are probably wondering if it is […]

Powerful Tips | Transfer Phone Photos Using Bluetooth


Cell phone photos are all the rage these days! They’re quickly becoming one of the primary ways we record everyday photos. The only problem with this? Our phone photos often stay trapped on our phones and never make it into our regular photo collection. One method you may not be using to get your photos […]

Powerful Tips | Tracking Credits


For most digital scrapbookers, developing a strategy for keeping track of the products you used on a digital layout is something you face early on. It’s one of those digital scrapbooking tips that we all go out in search of! Since there are so many different ways to do this, I asked The Flock to […]

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