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  • Kelly P

    I ordered this on Friday after hearing your pick on the Digi Show. I am looking forward to making some cute journaling cards! Thanks for the pick!

    April 17, 2014
  • Gigi

    Hi thanks for sharing. Could you please tell me what cutter it is that you use, looks great. Thanks

    April 17, 2014
    • Hi Gigi! It’s the Martha Stewart “Heavy Duty” Guillotine Paper Trimmer. I just got it a couple of weeks ago during HSN’s 24 hour craft event. But I saw that it was on sale (40% off!) at JoAnn this week, too. I really like it, but on mine the grid lines are off by about 1/8″ which I figured out the hard way. But now I account for it and it’s become a non-issue.

      April 22, 2014
  • Christine

    Lucky me, last year they had some kind of action going on. If you purchased ink you would get this paper, if you purchased more you’d get more. I have Cannon 6220 Airprint and like to buy enough ink so I will not run out and usually when they have a discount going on.

    The week after HUGE packet was delivered with my ink and 20 of the 4×6 photo graphic paper. Happy happy joy joy! Love free stuff ;-)

    I also am a huge fan of Red River Paper products. They have wonderful instructions for each of their papers that you buy and color profiles available for PSE and PS.And are always happy to help to find a replacement of a brand name paper.

    I recently purchased a new kind of paper from them just to try it out, it is a printable canvas, Blanco Matte Canvas. Especially for inkjet printers. 20 sheets of 8.5 x 11 will set you back $25 but I choose a sample. The results are stunning for artwork. Really nice and unique. Here is the (shortened) link

    April 18, 2014
    • I have wanted to try Red River paper, Christine. I hear such great things about it. I have big plans to one day complete a photo/art wall in our living room, so I will definitely check that paper out for some of the word art type prints I want to hang. I bought the frames over a year ago, so I’m sure it’ll happen ANY day now. ;)

      April 22, 2014
  • Jacqueline R

    Thank you SO much for this tip! I saw it last week…promptly ordered from Amazon…and put it to use over the weekend on my Disney album. Total game changer! I love when the simple tips make such a big difference.

    August 20, 2014
    • It has changed my entire workflow. I loooove this size! Glad you’re finding it helpful, too!

      August 21, 2014

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